Guys: who would you date?

Say you had to choose between these 2 girls, which would you choose? A bit of a looks vs personality poll.

A: Average or perhaps less attractive than you, but still cute, lots in common, easy to talk to, great personality, and always fun to be around.


B: Hot or more attractive than you, someone you want to show off to your buddies, but little in common and conversation is more of a challenge, nice personality but kind of annoying at times. Fun to look at, but a bit of a chore to relate to.

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Perhaps I made B sound a little too bad. There is a girl I've been seeing who would be Option A, I just made up B to compare.


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  • Why does fulgy always have better personality in these questions?

    I've met some seriously fat ,ugly and unemployed girls most with attitudes worse then the hot chicks that I've come across.I know that it's a common stereotype but still. Argh anyway.

    Look for compatibility, education, employment, and attractiveness in a girl. If she looks after her body she won't be fat, if she eats right she will look good.

    In my opinion if A looks cute then she is attractive maybe not to the next guy but to you she is so go for A.


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  • A for sure.

    With B it seems you are sacrificing a lot to be with her and if you have little in common and no conversation that will make it hard to be around her all the time.

  • Because I'm a shallow asshole and loving it, I like girls that are less attractive than me. She doesn't have to be crazy smart but I hate stupid girls that think they aren't. Girls gotta be fun so A is the easy choice.

    It's not that super attractive girls aren't attracted to me its just that a lot of them like to act like hot sh*t, like you owe them something for being with you. That sh*t gets old fast.

  • this was an easy one, I voted A. I don't date girls to show off to my buddies, and I could care less what they think. If you have honest friends they will be impressed by the chemistry between the two and not on appearance. I don't like dating a project so to speak. I like to have fun and party but with someone I actually like and not just a piece of arm candy.

  • A, easily.

  • A. B is useless because she's just eye candy.

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