Why does he just want to sleep with me?

I've known this boy for about 5 years and we talk on MSN all the time and text each other. We get on really well. I know he isn't a weirdo or anything because he went to school with some of my friends and I've met up with him at a house party once. I asked him straight out last night if he likes me, does he just want to sleep with me or does he just want to me friends. He said he wants to sleep with me. Surely he can't just want that when we flirt all the time and get along so well? I'm really confused! Why doesn't he want a relationship with me? Am I not good enough?


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  • Well I'm not that surprised.

    You have a internet fling!?!

    If you want more, you have to be more.

    It will be harder to just hang out with him, now that you have asked that question, but you should hangout with him. Give him a reason to always want you around.

    There is nothing like true presence. Over the internet doesn't give off the romantic phase of attraction, that you normally get when hanging out.

    A relationship can't be decided upon conversations over the internet.

    You need to develop more with him.

    You have the attraction going for you, I mean he wants sex from you, but what guy doesn't right.

    The attraction though, along with the fact that he at least likes to talk to you over the net, should tell you that you have a shot at being together.

    So, Good Luck!


    A Loving Black Man


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  • He only wants to sleep with you because you continue sleeping with him, but don't insist on a commitment. As I see it, this isn't a question of your "not being good enough." It's a question of you allowing him to set the terms of your relationship.

    He wants only sex and casual friendship. You want something different. You're only confusing yourself -- according to what you say, he's been very clear with his words and his deeds.

    If you're tired of the situation, it's up to you to change and have the guts to stick to your decision. You can't change him. You can only decide what you will, or will not, tolerate.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Maybe it's not that you're not good enough, maybe he's just not in the position to be in a relationship right now. Maybe he's been hurt before and he doesn't want to get too deep into something without being sure about it. You shouldn't just jump to a conclusion.

  • get ridd of him.she just wants to f*** you and that's it.guys are piggs there always like this.they like to f*** that's all and they want to f*** with no strings attached. its not you its him. he just doesn't want a relationship because he thinks he can get in your pants anyways

    • Wow...a bit harsh...all guys aren't like that but I guess you've been through something. The hateful comment about guys being pigs isn't really necessary, because everyone's different and all guys weren't made from one mold. But, I agree with one thing, be very wary of this guy, if he was bold enough to say he just wants to sleep with you, maybe that's all he wants, but, as the loving black man said (lol), I see no harm in you investigating this a bit further by hanging out with him.