Do girls not like dating short guys??

Lol now I'm not short, not at all actually. I'm actually about 5'11". So why am I asking this? I have a bro who is about 5'5". he's Asian, so its only natural that he's going to be a bit shorter, no offense intended. The thing is, girls reeaaally think he's cute, I mean he's a good looking guy with a nice build and he's pretty funny, as most of our posse is (lol no homo). He literally has TONS of friends who are girls, and he's always hanging out with them (making us jelly lol). But that's about all they think he is, cute. While all the rest of us have been in multiple relationships and don't have as many friends who are girls as he has, he's never been able to actually get any of these girls to date him until recently. His new girlfriend (who actually came after me first, but who I shut down), is his exact height.

I know girls like dating guys taller than them, but seriously? We were starting to worry about him. What is it that turns girls off about a guy who is shorter than them?


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  • It sounds like its more about how he acts than his height. If he acts like a friend, he'll constantly be put in the friend zone.

    As for your second question, I think girls generally like guys that are taller than them because it provides a sense of security. That's what it is for me at least. As silly as it might sound, I feel safer out and about with my 6'6 cousin than my 5'11 guy friend even though they're probably have the same strength. Also I think its cause the guy being taller than the girl thing is a classic and socially enforced look for a couple, so girls generally gravitate to it. Just like guys probably would rather date a girl shorter than them.

    I personally wouldn't mind dating a guy my height (5'5) or taller. I can't picture myself with someone shorter than me, but never say never I guess haha

    • maybe this is so; he really does put himself on their friendly side instead of jumping in and getting it. which is cool, I used to do the same thing. but now I've noticed he has a more serious approach to relationships, so he's probably learned. I'm not gonna confront him tho lol, ill let him do his thing.

  • i don't think it has anything to do with his height,but who knows,some girls are dumb enough to not date a short guy cause they feel more ''protected'' with tall guys-stupid bitches

    • thats what I say, but I've dated girls much shorter than me so I can't really talk lol.

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