Why is this guy's mom trying to get me to hang out with her son?

So I kind of like this guy and some times when I run into his mom we'll talk casually for a bit and then she'll whip out the iPhone and be all like, "Do you want me to find out where Sam is for you?" or if I don't really have anyone to hang out with or I seem bored then she'll say, "Oh, you should go sit with/find Sam." Him and his mom are pretty close, but either way, I'm not sure if she does this because she approves of me & thinks I'm a nice girl or if it's because she thinks I like him & she's trying to help me out or if it's because he likes me & she's trying to help him out... ? any thoughts... ?


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  • She more than likely approves of you. If not she would have that instantanious get the hell away from my son mentallity. But she more or less sees how you two act around each other giving her that idea that hey I can help them get together. I wouldn't be too worried about it if I were you. She's probably trying to be the "cool mom"

    • Well thank you very much. That was helpful! I appreciate it!

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