I texted him. Can you tell me what do you think about this?? :) Hi guys :)

i met a hot guy once, and I was staring at him all the time. He noticed that and we started talking. Then he asked me "where can I meet you again?" so I asked if he wants my number. He said "yeah...why not...i call you later" but he didn't.

2 weeks later I met him again...but I only said "hi" and go away. 1 hour later I received 2 calls and I was pretty sure that it was he. But I asked my friend to call back and he said "sorry that was a mistake"

About 10 days later...maybe more...i texted him (because he's so hot )..but...as I was a little bit drunk I texted him that as he looks like brad pitt..i really want him!

that night he called me...but I was ashamed and didn't take his call...than he texted me this "can you stop f***ing texting me, you sick..."

That was very rude :( I mean...i don't think I'm sick...am i?

i was drunk (but he don't know that) and it was just one text message...

i want to get to know him too...how old are you?
my frientold me that I should apologize? should i?or is it better to ignore him?


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  • Ok, first off, when he asked "where can I meet you again?" he was asking "at some point this evening, wanna bang?" (from my experience with guys and guy friends). Second, in his eyes you are sick. You are playing head games with him. He said he would call you later... two weeks is later. And you didn't answer... TWICE! Then you get a friend to call him back. Then you text him (and it sounds like more than once, if he's asking you to stop textING him), he calls you back and again you do not answer. I will chalk up this behavior to your age, but seriously, don't play head games. Answer your darn phone!

    • probably you're right...:(

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  • wow...well you could try calling him, and see hows thing...but by the way he responded, he probably is a jerk to begin with unless you want him that badly...just call him, see how it goes...if matters get worse forget it...send him to hell if you want, the dude either found you hot and wanted you but then just notice he wasn't going to get to you and said f*** it...just try your best at him...you we're drunk...but imagine how would you feel if someone drunk texted you...what would've been your respons to it though?

    • but if you have to pick one...just let it be...don't waist your time with a brad pitt wanna be

    • i don't think I should call him...and I think it's nice to receive a text mess. like that...even if I was ugly...And if he wants he know he could have me...so I think he wasn't interested in me from beginning.

    • then forget about him...a dude that doesn't give a rat's A for a girl...just doesn't cut it, chillax he will get his...

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  • he doesn't like you, leave him alone, you have no chance with him and why would you want to give a guy an ounce of your attention after him saying that to you? Screw him! move on.

  • i think he thought you were playing around with him. but I think he's in the wrong for not calling you in the first place also. I'd just move on. sorry :(

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