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I blind folded my friend when she came over to kiss her. When she felt that I was about to kiss her, so told me that she couldn't go through it. She said because I am her friend. She said that I may feel uncomfortable afterwards, and she may feel uncomfortable afterwards. She knows that I like her a lot. But she told me that she doesn't feel for me that way. But. she holds me whenever we stay the night with each other. I don't get it. What does she mean by feeling uncomfortable after kissing? Oh, and I am a woman.


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  • You like her a lot, she doesn't feel the same even when she is obviously attracted to you. She may not feel your friendship is worth the risk of starting a sexual relationship with you. The uncomfortableness may be from you wanting something from her she is unable to deliver. That might not be the case from your perspective, but maybe she is incapable of having a FWB relationship with you.

    Having a threesome is not as intimate as one on one. Especially if she would be your first.

    • How do you know that she is attracted to me? Although she tells me that she views me as her friend, is it possible that she may have feelings for me at all? I told her that I just wanted to kiss her that once, and she told me that wouldn't be true, and it is possible that we would kiss each other all of the time. I told her that I was going to blind fold her b4 she came over, and she told me that she new that I was going to come on to her. Why would she still come over if she new it?

    • She holds you when you stay the night. She is aware of your attraction to her and is not distancing herself from you. It could be that she is torn about the risk of moving your friendship onto another level. It sounds like she could be confused about her feelings for you and is trying to sort them out.

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  • i was in the same situation with a friend she was gay but I didn't know until she told me she wanted to hook up wiht me I was shocked of course becuz we use to always talk abt guys but anyways I told her we shouldnt do anythign becuz I didn't want to mess up our friendship. I thnk she meant if you kissed and she's not into tht way it might messed up things for you two

    • So, what you are saying is that if she were to kiss me and dislike it, it would mean that she would feel uncomfortable. But if she liked kissing me, it would mean that she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Did you have feelings for your friend at all, or did worry about your friend ship being messed up?

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    • Ok now thts even more confusing lol why would she ask you to be in a threesome and not kiss you? now if you are comfortable with it she should be

    • Well, it was actually about 4 months ago when she asked me that, but a that time she was in a relationship with another girl, and wanted me to try it. I told her no because I would feel weird. I have never messed with a girl before. But do you think my friend is capable of liking me at all, or do you think she is afraid that she will gain feelings for me, or is it strictly about destroying friendship.