How would you interpret this text message and how would you respond?

My boyfriend (ex.. I don’t know) and I are ‘on a break.’ He wanted it. I did not, but I’ve tried my best to understand and to let it be. he said he did not want to lose contact, so we have had minimal… the break has been going on for about 2 months. the last time I saw him was 5 days ago and he said he could tell I was worried (which I have been), but that we just need to wait it out, and that I just need to let him be for a little bit (so… less contact). The day after that, our friend told me that he isn’t being straight forward with me, so I called and confronted him. He seemed annoyed and just said that he didn’t want to deal with this and that I need to trust him, so I let it be. I also told him that I have some money for him (because he lent me some for rent), and that it would be best if he could have it sooner than later so I could either put it in his mailbox or give it to his neighbor. He said he would just come by and get it the day after. Well, he never got a hold of me about it, so last night, I sent him a text message asking him when he was going to get it because I didn’t want to have so much cash laying around. I also told him I was thankful he lent it to me and that he was a good friend for doing so.

His text back: “Arrgghhhhh!”

So… how would you interpret that? the only thing I can think of is that he is annoyed with me for not ‘leaving him alone.’


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  • Well. Sounds like he is being very inconsiderate. I would suggest not contacting him and moving on. Whatever his reasons are, whatever he plans to do. He's not letting you in on it. So, it's like you two aren't together anymore. It's his money. If he wants it, he'll get it. If he wants you, you'll know. For now, get him at the back of your mind and keep him there. Don't look at this as you doing him a favor, you respecting him. Look at it as you deserve someone who is considerate of you and wants you there and you don't need to put up with this sh*t. Spend time with friends. Do not get a hold of him. Maybe, wait before even responding him, if he'll contact you. He's not making you a priority, why should you? It's tough. Get on with your life.

    • so, I did actually send him one back this morning that said, "what was that about?" now I wish I hadn't because I don't even want to know his answer to that. I just think his response was so rude. I know you said to let it be and not get a hold of him, but since I don't really want him to respond now, would you say something else to prevent that?

    • I guess see if he answers or not. Try not to think much about it. You don't have to respond or you can, as long as it's not immature or argumentative and leads to more things like that. Or you can tell him off for piece of mind. lol. But, the best would be to seem unaffected and uncaring. I was a bit harsh. I don't know the full situation or details, but I meant what I said. Don't give anymore than he would. In a way it's good that you don't want him to respond. Think of yourself. :)

  • Yes, I think he was annoyed too or at least he acted like that. Don't text him, wait for him to text you first. Pretend like nothing has happened and if it is any possibility say that you are glad making ''a break''. He think that you will wait him no matter what. Show him that you are happy, independent girl and you don't think of him. Just show him how great you are and that he is losing a great woman.

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