Sending my guy a kiss? Does this sound like a good idea? What would he think of this?

sending my guy a kiss? there's this guy that I like and he might like me but he lives 40 min away. right now he is at summer camp and told me to send him letters and stuff so I went out and got a few things. I also thought that I should send him a kiss. like on a piece of paper that I kiss with lipstick on and then send him that as well? is this a good idea or not? what would he think of this? guys please help me because I'm sending this tomorrow! please help!

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  • Personally I think that it would be a great idea to send him a kiss on a piece of paper. It's very sexy and very classy. This would definitely tell the guy that you like him. Also, tell him how you feel about him when you write the letter. Sometimes writing down your feelings can be easier than saying them aloud. I hope my advice can help you in some way and best of luck with your romantic endeavors!

    • yeah it does! the thing is that I'm gonna hang out with him the week he gets back so maybe I should tell him then instead? yes or no?

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  • I think that's a very good idea that you tell when he gets back! That will give you more time to think how you're going to tell and to make sure that you really feel romantically interested with him. I hope it goes well, keep me posted, and best of luck! :)


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  • i think it is a GREAT idea for you to send him a kis on paper let it be red boold lipstick it makes him want you more and it keeps him intrested on what he will get when he gets back

    little tip ( though you ould ike to know )

    - lay the paper on flat surface ,then kiss ; best to use blank paper (it would look tacky on line pape ) - make sure you let the pape sit aleast one hour so when you fold it the lipstick wount get all messy an ugly

    ; by the way a cute note always makes a persons day

    ; good luck

    • ok! there's some people at this camp that I don't really have good bonds with (meaning an ex that cheated on me) and I don't want him to see the kiss, so can I leave a little side note with the kiss saying something like "keep this to yourself" and "shhhhh"?

    • in my opinion I don't think you should beacuse he was the one who cheated on you not you cheated on him but if saying something like shhh ' this is our little secret' - helps theen go right ahead :)