I think he wants me for more than sex but I'm cautious... Opinions?

Let me start by saying this might sound silly to you. I'm here because I had so many bad experiences with guys that I am really cautious and find it hard sometimes to trust what is happening.

Anyways, I've been texting this guy for a while now. I really like him and I believe he does like me back. For example, we talk for hours upon hours about everything and nothing (We have plans to see each other soon).

He gives me cute nicknames (and yes, he does use my name also). He keeps calling me pretty and beautiful. Keeps saying I'm funny and he loves a woman that is intelligent (when I spout some of the useless facts that are permanently stuck in my head) .

He made no qualm about saying that he's also sexually attracted to me and really like getting to know me. Today he was supper busy at work and didn't have a second to himself. He just came on to text me a xox and that was it. From the start, we both said that we wanted to get to know each other and see where it would lead us. No jumping straight into anything, just slowly and naturally see where the situation leads us.

To many of you, the answer might be obvious. It probably is honestly! But my bad experiences make me cautious and makes it really hard to trust my judgement on this type of situations. And here's my question.

From what I've described, dors this sound like a man who only wants sex? Or like a man who is interested by me for more than the physical?

Before anyone has to ask, yes, we are going with the flow! But I would also like a general if only hypothetical direction (makes me less anxious and more at ease with everything). I could ask him but my anxiety is pretty high right now for various reasons hence me coming here, just hoping to read different opinions first.

As I've said, it's probably obvious, but past trauma tends to color situations from it's perspective! So... Any opinions?

Fyi, he's 33 and I'm 26 if that changes anything (He's been single for 2 years and me 3).
I think he wants me for more than sex but I'm cautious... Opinions?
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