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How Can I Salvage Our Relationship?

So, me and this guy I was talking to (talking for 6 months) have been fighting a lot recently. One night, he triggered my past trauma, and I freaked out, which scared him. He was afraid I was gonna report him to the police. We made up, and he was all like, “I’d make a good boyfriend, wouldn’t I?” I said yes. Then for a few days we’re fine. Out of NOWHERE he ignores me for 2, almost 3 days straight. This never happens…we talk every day.

I decide to text his friend, who he says will talk to him. I eventually get the guy I’m talking to to answer my text, and he says that the fighting made him lose feelings, and he just wants to stay friends and he doesn’t want a relationship. Which is a straight up lie Bc he craves love badly. I know for a fact he’s not telling me the full honest truth, and is using this excuse as an escape goat. I then tried asking his friend if he talked to him for me, and his friend left me on read and has ignored me since which tells me he told him something bad.

Any time I try texting the guy I was talking to, the messages go straight to green, but I’m not blocked. The phone rings and everything. Which means he either turned off iMessages or has a setting on to ignore me. I then checked my social media, and he read a message I sent him on Instagram a few days ago just 30 minutes ago. He didn’t block me on Instagram, but has me blocked on Facebook and Snapchat. No clue why, unless he still wants me in his life.

This guy was truly interested in me. He brought me around his family. He was super into me, and told his friend that I made him happy all the time. I don’t know why he’s doing this. I understand the fights might be annoying, but he’s very perseverant and doesn’t give up easily. I think I scared him, and I don’t know how to fix it. I freaked out and spam messaged him a lot, but I was scared of being abandoned, but he still hasn’t blocked me. Is there any way I can fix this?
How Can I Salvage Our Relationship?
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