How to talk to guys at malls and get their numbers?

I see hot guys at the mall all the time but I'm not sure how to smooth talk my way through and to get them alone so I can talk to them. Any ideas? Hey don't judge me at least I'm not looking online for men


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  • The more you do it, the better you get. Reading a manual isn't gonna do you any good when it comes to handling a real life situation like a true professional. You have to learn how to channel the adrenaline and make it something positive.

    Keep doing it, keep practicing. You know what you want, it's just a matter of deciding what works and correcting what you are doing wrong.

    • well its really a trial and error thing for me, because sometimes I get it right sometimes I get it wrong and get no numbers

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  • What's wrong with looking online for someone to date?

    • I tried it but I want to work on my social skills

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    • and they live in texas, actually her boyfriend tried to cheat on her with me

    • Yee haw, don't mess with Texas!

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  • Its easier than you think since your a girl you can probably get it by straight up asking for I..or so I've heard but I have yet to try