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Why hasn’t he texted me in a week after we got intimate?

Me and this guy I’ve been casually seeing for a year now and with whom I video call and text regularly have got intimate for the first time (almost had sex) a week ago but I haven’t heard from him ever since. I’m not sure why whether it’s because at the end I’ve decided to have a conversation with him about where he sees us going or if he’s afraid of getting feelings.

Cause with regards to where things might go between us he told me atm it’s complicated cause his suffered a lot with the pandemic so now he’s working really hard to reestablish his career so is working on a new album that if successful can end up being a hit (he’s a pianist) and has a bunch of concerts coming up so he’s not really sure about having a relationship right now. He said he needed time to think things through and couldn’t give me a yes or no answer. Also his family situation atm isn’t the best, his nan is extremely ill and his grandad needs assistance too so he needs to take care of them on top of everything else.
However, before we met in person we had a video call that lasted the whole night and at the end he was already a bit tipsy and ended up saying he loves me. I just got really serious and asked if he was aware of what he was saying and he repeated “Yeah I am and I love you”, and I asked him what do you mean you love me and he said “well I love spending time with you and be with you, you’re my perfect match”. When I asked him in the morning if he’d remembered what he has said the night before, he just looked at me, nodded and smiled. But he didn’t deny it!

And just before leaving his house, he gave me a hug and kept saying “please don’t die, okay? Just be safe and don’t die”. Even when I called the uber he wanted to see the picture of the guy and his name 😂

But now I haven’t heard from him and it’s been almost a week and I’m not sure why…
Although he keeps checking every single one of my insta stories as he’s always done…
Why hasn’t he texted me in a week after we got intimate?
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