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My cousin sister of age 21 had proposed me?

couple of days ago my younger cousin sister of 21years old, proposed me and I'm 23 I rejected her very nicely but she didn't gave up and then I told her Im only behind bodies of girls not for love (I thought she will hate me for this and won't call again), but she said I will improve ur lusty thoughts without any physical contact Then I got mad at her and told her that I see her as sister only and nothing else and now she is saying u say yes or I will drink sanitizer bottle now So I asked her for some time and I have to answer within next 12 hrs What should I do, I'm thinking about calling my aunt but it will make situation worse I feel like I should rather drink poison than giving her answers and it's something that I can't talk to anyone other than as anonymous guy on internetI really don't care much about her even if she is done for good I will be happy but she is saying that she will drink sanitizer which probably won't kill her then she can made me look like a villian as I'm hindu and indian theyw take her words by mouth (I guess)
My cousin sister of age 21 had proposed me?
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