Weird text during a date?

A male friend of mine who always tells me we can't date(it's a running joke as the first night I met him I told him we could never date) he goes on other dates and sleeps with other woman- no problem on my end

But I went on a date last night, the first one since I've met him, I received a text from him saying

"how's your date? Is he as boring as he looks?"

To which I said

"don't be mean he's lovely"

And then he replied" is he thick?"

To me this sounds like he's jealous? We text all the time and talk about other people but this is the first time since I've known him that there is another man taking my attention away from him.


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  • You texted another guy during the date? I would've left. :/


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  • it is odd but I wouldent look at it too much if that's the only thing he has done but if he does other things then I qould question it


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  • I completely agree with thatguy44. I hate it when people use their phones on dates and I would have cut the date short if a guy did that. It even annoys me when he has to grab it to turn off the buzzing if someone's calling him or if he takes it out to check the time. I won't leave because of that but it breaks up the flow, like it's not a date with just us anymore. The phone is the 3rd wheel.I always turn my phone off on dates but keep it with me just in case I need a different ride home etc. But as for the guy texting you, he's trying to make you look distracted and bad on a date. Don't know what his motive for doing that could be but he knows that if you start responding then you'll look like a bad date. Hope this helps!

    • I don't know if that's it... I didn't even think he was maybe trying to make me look bad.

      I didn't answer it in front of him, I only looked at my phone when he was in the bathroom

    • Hmm that's good for you :) I stick to my idea of him trying to make you a bad date, he probably didn't know that the guy was in the bathroom. Maybe he's just trying to be protective or maybe likes you and wants you to himself even though he can't get the courage up to ask you out. All just speculation of course, I don't know the guy