My Egyptian boyfriend doesn't know how he feels or how he's supposed to feel, how do I help him?

I'm a freshman in college this year and I've been dating my boyfriend for a little under a month now. I met him at a party held by my college where I met him and his roommate. I guess you would say I had liked him for his appearance at first but still became friends with him first before dating him.
We were friends for a week before we started dating.
I know how I feel for him, (maybe at 20% out of the totality for him) but he has no idea how he feels himself. He has a problem about motivation, he's admitted to me that he sees a lot of pretty girls on campus. But he doesn't know what a crush feels like anymore. I proposed we break up, tonight, but we didn't. He said he didn't want to breakup with me because he likes me but not as much as I do for him.
For me it's 9% he says.

We don't have a lot in common, practically the opposite of one another in terms of things we like. But we feel the most comfortable with one another, share common views about many things. He's far from my "type" and I'm far from his "type" but somehow we ended up dating. We might've rushed into it, that much I'll admit, but he keeps relating our relationship to movie ideals. To be short, it's making him have an existential crisis.

And for me, I'm flipping out because 9%? How the hell do I get that up?

The main reason we started dating is because we both could speak french and it was something we bonded over. I wanted to learn 6 languages before I die, and Arabic was one of them. I told him this and he just cringed and looked away. He says it's difficult to express himself in English and in French because they are not his first language. I want to understand him better and to help him feel better because I want to be the supportive significant other that he needs. I like him and I don't want to have him be feeling bad. But I also feel like it's selfish of me to keep dating him because I like him and he doesn't know how he feels for me anymore. What do I do? Besides breakup.
My Egyptian boyfriend doesn't know how he feels or how he's supposed to feel, how do I help him?
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