What does it mean when a guy takes you home but doesn't kiss you?

Well this guy I've known my whole life is now my dance partner and well we were sitting in k-mart parking lot waiting for his mom to get some stuff. and well he was playing on his the whole time. and he was getting into it. but he had his feet propped up on the front seat and I was slouched down and he leaned on me while he played his game. and his grandma was in the car the whole time but she could care less but still.you know? well we just kept on switching positions and kept getting closer. and well his mom finally got back and while she was on our way to get dropped off I noticed that he was hard. I mean it wasn't sticking up but you know it was semi hard. and well he wouldn't move and I slouched down and rubbed my leg on his and he just didn't move.he just was frozen but his eyes were all over the place. but he looked at my leg and then he looked back at his iPhone and well he just didn't move. but I could tell. and well once we got dropped off he like went behind the car and I don't know what but I looked at him and we just locked eyes for the longest time but I only saw his face. (he wasn't doing anything) and well he told me to get in the truck cause he wanted to take me home. and we just talked and flirted and I did everything I knew to do and well..he even went like 10 miles per hour on our road so I didn't have to leave. and well we talked the whole way home and sang along with the radio but then. when it was time for me to go. he kept asking me questions but then when there was nothing to say I felt that if I didn't say anything that he would think I would never leave and that I won't leave him alone. but I ended up telling him bye and well I have no idea why he didn't kiss me. I so wanted him to.


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  • He totaly likes you but he probably got scared and wasn't shur if it was the right time. Maby next time you should try kissing him.

    • but if I do it will be our whole friendship going out the widnow if something bad happens. I got another question for you. okay. I was sitting on the other side of the truck and he kept on turning up the air because he wanted me to freeze to death cause I said I was cold. and after a while he turned it down a little bit and he said. I think it only gets cold on that side of the truck. now what was that sopose to mean? did he want me to scootch over in the middle of the truck to be near him?

    • yes I think he might have. he was probably trying to say oh its not cold over here by me come get closer. he's flirting but your right wait for him to make a move

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  • He likes you, he might just be shy when it comes to that stuff. Next time, you make the move, he will love you for it.

    • i'm the one always making the moves. he hardly looks at me, he just recently started looking at me and he didn't look nervous. well in the car with his mom when he was frozen he did act nervous but I get that. but when his mom dropped us off so he could take me home he didn't act nervous. he wanted to talk. but I think I shouldve waited just a little longer before I got out of the truck and I mightve got that kiss. gosh I'm such a idiot! cause he kept looking in my eyes when we got to the house.

    • Ah well, other chances will come I'm sure, just keep hanging out with him and he'll get less and less nervous and sooner or later, he will make some moves. Don't beat yourself up over it :)

    • thanks:)

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  • He was probably embarrased about the hard-on or wants to take it slow if he's into you. your young, that's how that thing works.

    • im 15 fixing to turn 16 and he just turned 19. and I don't think he knows I know he was turned on.so I don't know why he would be embarrassed about. seriously has has Nothing to be embarrassed about:D I just don't know what to do. have I missed my shot to kiss him, you think I gave him the impression that I ain't interested? I really like him. actually I've liked him for as long as I can remember.

    • tell him you like him, but you also got to understand. wither just turning 15 or even turning 16, he is still of age and can get into trouble for even touching you which could be a really big turn off to him and maybe that's why he was acting weird... id tell him how you feel and see how it goes on from there.

  • maybe he was being a gentlemen and respectful

    • yes. he was being respectful when he was hard...i know he respects me. that's now the first time any and him have been alone before. I grew up with him but I havnt been alone with him in about a year and he saw me as a little kid before. but I think that has all changed. but idk. I'm not good with guys.