How can I get my boyfriend to want to hang with me a lot again and text me and call again?

Our relationship sucked since we started going out. One reason is I had Virgin Mobile and wouldn't get his texts and when I messaged him on Facebook he wouldn't reply. I thought he was ignoring me. And when we used to talk on the phone I'd get mad when he had to get off. I know I sucked as a girlfriend=[ Then he got on punishment for a month and I was made because I had to find out he got off from a girl posting on his Facebook wall to text her. I admit I was jealous and mad he didn't tell me first. But I know he love me because we've been together since January and he still wants to be with me even though I suck and other girls like him. But he doesn't text anymore or call and barely asks to hang out. I know he still wants to go with me but what should I do? He says I hurt him and I think that's why he really don't want to talk to me so he doesn't get hurt. But I want things to go back to normal...

Yea I changed and then he'll realize things won't be the same anymore and I knew what I did wrong. Thanks!


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  • how can you be together if he doesn't talk to you and vice versa?

  • If you know you're bad, why don't you try to change yourself? You change so he would change :)