Am I wasting time?

I've (22) been talking to this guy (24) for 6-7 months and he still hasn't asked me out. We do couple things, like hold hands, kiss, hug up on each other, etc. Last month I moved an hour away from our hometown to go to school. 4 of my friends already drove up to see me and he hasn't even came to see me once. When I asked him he said its because he didn't think he was welcomed which sounds like a weird excuse considering we've been seeing each other for so long. He has a very busy schedule which I totally understand, he works 2 jobs on the weekend and takes a couple classes during the week days as well. On the weekends he drives an hour away for his job and gets off work at 2am, which is the only time he will call me when he's driving home from work that late. He never calls me any other day or any other time. I explained to him that I feel I'm the only one working with his schedule but he never works with mine and didn't say anything. He could at least call me for like 10 minutes on his day off or at a normal time. He's driven an hour away from our hometown to go party so I don't get why he can't come see me some time. He said the reason he hasn't committed is because I moved out of town and he doesn't want us to have problems down the road of me getting upset that he works and goes to school. I told him it wouldn't be a problem considering he was already working two jobs and having a busy schedule before I moved away and he just said "okay". I've been getting a ride back home from a friend just so I could hang out with him but I feel stupid because now I'm realizing I'm most likely just wasting my time since it seems I'm the only one putting in effort. I feel if you really liked and enjoyed somebody's company, the distance shouldn't matter. I really just need some advice on this please and someone's point of view.
Am I wasting time?
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