Should I feel guilty if we're not even going out?

Me and this guy after a year finally got it out that we liked each other, but it was right before the summer, so it was decided that we would wait till we got back if we were still single. So I had a small fling with my ex, but I feel incredibly guilty about it and keep thinking about the other guy. How do I deal with this and should I even feel this way?


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  • The only reason you feel guilty is because you really care about the other guy. You shouldn't feel guilty cause you two said you would go out "if you were both single" but the fact that you do feel guilty should just show yourself that you care about him and why wait till school starts? Give him a call and tell him you can't wait :) good luck

    • Thanks a lot :) that helped

    • no problem, sometimes it takes another persons perspective to tell you that you obviously care a lot about him :) so tell him!

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