Why would a guy text 10 min after he said bye?

Went to a movie with my two friends, both from high school. Another girl and a guy, I like the guy and he likes me. He sat by me during the movie and he was fidgeting and would be always moving his arms and legs. After the movie we all talked for a good 45 min. After we all said bye to each other and he calls out saying bye to just me. Then 10 min later he texts me asking "whats up" and we texted till 12:30am. So why would he text me, does this show he is interested? He's done this before to, I always think we just saw each other.


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  • yes, it means he wanted to talk to you more...one guy friend usually does text me too, usually to make sure I have arrived safe but we usually end up texting for hours after being out together or saw each other...so I think he wanted to talk with you more but the chances were low at the movie and after that :)


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  • He sounds like an idiot. First off he should have groped you in the theater. Instead of texting "what's up" he should have thanked you for your company or something more slick. The boy sounds disappointing. I don't think you should care if he's interested. But, he sounds like he is.

    • He said he did have fun time. He's not the groping type anyways, he wouldn't do that.

  • puppy love.


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  • Yeah, he's into you. All the guys I ever dated did that. You should date him lol that's kinda cute I think

    • I would love to go out with him, he's shy and he wants to get to know each other a bit more. He's been through a lot in his life and all his family has relationship issues. I think he wants to feel comfortable with me and know I'm right for him. Just I want to date him, but not go to fast. How would I do that? It is cute and I like that he does it.

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    • Like that, thanks. I'm totally new at this relationship stuff, lol. Never really thought of that during High School, more focused on school and college.

    • Lol I have one more year then I'm done. I wanna be psychologist :P how funny is that lol