Why has he not called?/Should I text him???

I met this guy at work a little over a year ago. He is a customer that comes in at least once a month. A couple months ago he starting joking around a little with me and since then when he I see him he will give me a big smile and just stare directly in my eyes. I felt like he was interested in me since he was starting to do these things and never did in the past so last time he came in I gave him my number and told him to call me sometime if he would like to get together. He said ok, gave me a huge smile with his whole face lighting up, then dropped his smile and it was like he just gazed in my eyes for awhile and said Thank You. It has been over a week now and he hasn't called. I need some advice to see what he was probably thinking or does anyone feel that there is still a chance he will call? Not sure how to take this but I can't seem to get his smile and eyes out of my head. I have thought about texting him to see if he responds but he didn't give me his number directly. He knows I have it through work as I call him a lot with work related questions. Should I test him?


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  • Wait it out. its the only way you will know if he wanted to call you, if he wanted to talk to you, if he is interested.

    The way I see it is . if a MAN calls you, text you, emails you, comes to see you.then for that moment he was thinking of you.YOU CROSSED HIS MIND.SO just wait.

    If he hasn't called you by the next time he comes in.the chances are he lost you number, forgot to call, or simply didn't want to call. You could jokely ask him about it and see what he says.

    Or you could just let it go.