I've got him talking now what?

So I've seen this guy(Matt) around my city the last few years, we hangout in the same groups of friends but I never really talked to him, he came up to me at my work and hit on me but being that I work at a bar, I didn't respond, it's trite to flirt with drunken punters...anyway I was out and ran into an old friend, after I finished talking to my friend Matt came up and asked how I know him, and then we talked for a little while. I had to leave without saying goodbye, so I found him on Facebook added him and we've sent a few messages back and forth. When is it okay to give him my number or ask out for a date. And I can't ask him in person, I'd have to go out of my way and go to his work otherwise it could be months before I run into him again.


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  • Hold up. You're dating now? I though you were getting married? What happened?

    • Haha no- that would of been very very bad if I had married him. Yes I'm dating now- unfortunately I've been out of the game a long time- and I hate playing games

    • Wait! So what happened? You were pretty far down the road if you were looking at wedding dresses. Sorry to hear it didn't work out.

    • Wait, so you broke off the engagement? Sorry to hear it didn't work out. You must've been pretty far along if you were looking at wedding dresses. Maybe now when you do eventually get married you'll be able to wear Joan's dress after all! :P

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  • I suggest next time he comes to the bar that you work out, you write your number on a napkin and give it to him with his drink and if he doesn't text you or mention it, then you can bring it up jokingly and ask if he got it.