I had a "skype date" and he never showed up, advice?

I know it sounds stupid, but he lives in a different state so we can't really go on a real date too often.

Anyway, he signed on when he was supposed to, then signed off. Now here I am two hours later and I'm not sure what to think.

I'm probably overreacting but come on, I'm a girl, obviously I'm going to.

ok to clear things up, we did not meet online. we've met a bunch of times, but due to him living about 45 minutes away it's not like I can just say, "hey let's hang out right now!" So to make up for not being able to see each other this time, we figured we'd just go on skype.

I am NOT meeting random people online and having a relationship with them over skype. that's just stupid.


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  • Perhaps he forgot? Or got busy with something and was unable to make it. Still should have called, texted or at least talked to you for a few minutes to explain what was going on. My boyfriend and me have been trying to have a webcam date for a few days now, but stuff always comes up. He has been busy with this training course he has to do and he is about 3 hours away so I don't get to see him everyday.

    So I would just give him a call and find out what is going on. Tell him that you were sad that you two couldn't have your skype date, and hopefully he will make it up to you!


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  • give him a call and ask what happened I'm sure he'd explain


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  • I don't get it... how'd you meet, online? Seriously, what's so exciting about chatting online? He probably lost interest. not so much in you, but the idea of a "skype date" its basically a phone call date..yawn..

    • lol OK good. but still I think he lost interest, just let it go don't make him feel guilty bout it or he will just push you away. Let him contact you.You never know, he could of had an emergency, just let him bring it up.. if he does

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