He has barely texted me, advice?

So I have been seeing this guy....He was affectionate holding hands calling me sweetie and cutie, everything was going great then one day he slept in a bit and was late for work next thing I know there is no more sweetie or cutie, he still texts with :) and :p etc but it just seems different and then the last two nights he has been with his friends and has barely texted me. Ill say " well I am heading to bed have a good night hun :)" he'll say back " okay nighty night :)" am I over exaggerating when saying this is weird behavior ? Its only been two weeks so I prob am but ya just curious what other thoughts were


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  • Um...did you guys have sex that nyt he slept in?If you did may be it cld 've everything to do with the behavior .

    • No we haven't had sex yet, he was out with. His friends that night, which is why I am so confused I did asked him if anything was up lately yesterday and he told me he has just been busy with work. Which I kinda understand to a point but really it doesn't mean he can't use pet names you know?