Dating question what does he want?

I have a friend who I have known for the past 5 or 6 years and despite being on opposite sides of the country for college, have managed to stay in touch and see each other on breaks and when I go back home. Well I have been home for a few weeks for the summer and we started hanging out and one night he basically told me how he has had off and on feelings for me. So we started spending more time together and a couple nights ago was our last hang out before he headed out of town on a prior commitment and I would be gone at school by the time he returns. He brought up a conversation about what I wanted to do and what we should do, if we should do the long distance thing for a little while etc. I was so caught off guard that I didn't really give a firm answer except for the fact that we should still continue to talk as friends and then make a decision. I guess I am wondering if he wanted a long distance relationship and what he wanted out of this? I do like him I just don't know what next step I should take?


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  • I feel like he does really want to work this out with you. From my experience, its rarely ever the guy that wants to initiate a long distance thing because theyre worried about commitment, and meeting other people and such and such.There's not really a right or wrong move you can make at this point. You just need to figure out for yourself whether or not you want to try a long distance thing with him because it sounds like he's willing to. Then once youve made a decision, tell him what you think and then have a proper discussion about it. if it turns out that he doesn't want it, then just stay friends. nbd, and if he does, then good luck =)