Have you ever had a date that went wrong and yet gave it another shot?

Have you every had that date where you or your date just wasn't spot on. You figured it was an off day and decided to give it another shot for another date (or hoped he asked you out again)?

I typically arrange dates week in advance, but I've had dates where the day of the date my Hair is out of control, dry or just in a frenzy due to weather. Or that zit that arrives in the morning, the outfit I was going to wear gets coffee spilled on it or I sit on something that I don't realize till I go to the restaurants restroom.

Or the guy that just seems distracted or complains about his job/family/exs on a date.He is late, doesn't hold doors open or the sometimes locked my key in the car and my wallets in the car. That you feel maybe you caught him on a bad day. Give him another chance?

Anyone have similar dates that just didn't go right, but if given another chance could be awesome? if so how did it turn out?


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  • The last woman I dated had a daughter. Out first date was going great, but just when the food was served she got a phone call that her daughter was sick and acting up at the babysitters. She took off and left me there to eat alone lol. I thought she was full of sh*t at the time, but I gave her another chance and we ended up dating for like 9 months. In the end it didn't work out between us, but that's a whole nother story.


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