How to get my ex back if she's dating another guy?

There's girl who I am in love with since school time.

She was my classmate for one year and she left school

before I could say anything.After she left school I was

quite depressed and I decided to converse her .

I got her number from her friend & started talking

to her on phone,We became good friends within few

days and she was nice to me.And after few weeks I proposed

her because I couldn't hold my feelings for her any longer.

She just laughed and replied me "are you kidding"?

And she told me "i like you ,but I don't love you,

I don't have same feelings for you " .

We talked quite well till few months and after that

she left the country,she had told me earlier that

she's going to leave country soon.But still we met online

sometime and had great conversation.And I again start to

bother her telling " I Love you miss you so so."

And she always said 'stop it,i'm not right girl for you

you're not right one for me"

Now now its been 8 months that I haven't had any conversation

with her.I've deleted her all ids and contacts.

A months ago I hacked her hotmail id and found out

that she have boyfriend who is 4 or 5 years older than him

and is not so goodlooking.

i don't have any idea what should I do now...i mean I can't

stop thinking about her.its been 4 years I'm still thinking about her

although she's miles far away from me,but I still have a feelings that

she'll be mine one day.

my question is...

what should I do now?

Should I add her as friend on fb and start talking again./?

and how should do it?

how should I make her realize how much I love her?


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  • just be cool and don't tell her you want to be with her anymore. when I broke up with my boyfriend, I LOVED him still, but got a rebound because it was easier. my ex called me every night though, crying after he found out I was with someone else. he would have had a better chance at getting back together with me if he would have acted like he did not care and that it was my loss.

    i realized it was my loss two years later. .. too late.


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  • tl;dr

  • That is some seriously stalkerish behavior. You totally freaked her out by telling her that you loved her and proposing to her. She isn't anywhere near you and is in a relationship. You need to move on. It's just unhealthy for you.

    • Stalkerish behavior? yea just for her...not for others.

      I'm actually not of that kind.She is the one...who change my personality totally.

      anyways thanks for the comment.

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