Is what im feeling normal and have you felt this way before?

So i haven't had the greatest luck in the dating department, i always went for toxic guys and im so use to this toxic situation and having this rush feeling when liking someone. I am afraid of rushing things and getting hurt again like i have in the past. My first relationship i was so happy so excited to be in a relationship and it was rushed and i ended up putting in more of the effort.

Now I'm in a new relationship with this other guy that checks off all the boxes, share the same values, very nice and normal guy. He puts in the same effort as me. When im with him i enjoy spending time with him and im really happy and time goes by etc. We have been going on dates twice a week and as much as i am excited to see him apart of me feels another way like im tired but also excited. it also feels weird to say that he's my boyfriend or im in a relationship etc. I feel like its an outer body experience when im with him. If that makes any sense. It doesn't feel real but it is
Yes this is normal and yes I've felt this way before
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Is what im feeling normal and have you felt this way before?
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