Pregnant and considering dating?

I am currently six months pregnant and single.

The father was a verbally abusive person and I had to get out. This was about five months ago, possibly more. Anyway, the guy found a poor girl to move in with him a week after meeting and now they are engaged- so he is out of my hair. He denies my child and threatens me from time to time.

Anyway, these last few months I have done some major thinking. I wasn't looking for anyone, just hanging with my friends.

An old flame (whom I will openly admit that I have never lost feelings for) recently got back into contact with me. Although, we have never met in person- it was an online relationship for about 3 years. He and I always come back to each other but have never been single at the same time.

So.. now we are and he is really interested in finally meeting me.. after ten years. He knows I am pregnant, and while he admits that it does complicate things and that he is a little nervous about it.. he really wants to try.

We have been talking about this a few weeks now.. And yes, I do worry. If anything happened, it would be slow, of course. But he claims he would like to try and be a father for this child.. If given the opportunity.

My parents and sister love him, he keeps in contact with them as well.. everyone is very supportive about this.

He is taking a little more time before visiting because he doesn't want to screw things up with me and he wants to give my child the best.

I understand this, I would be nervous too, but I want to hear opinions..


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  • All depends if you want someone to help you raise your child or if you are happy doing it on your own, if you have feelings for this guy it's a bonus and you should consider yourself lucky that he wants anything to do with you


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  • Why wouldn't you date a great guy? If you really like him go for it.

  • Seems like a good opportunity to find a good father for your child and a good husband for you. Meet him, see if things are in sync between you two and take things one day at a time. Maybe it really will work out. It is certainly best for a child to have 2 parents. Good luck.

  • You had feelings for this guy while you were with your ex. What makes you think you'll be any different once you're with this new guy?

    • My ex and I were together a short time and I spent most of it being upset. The guy in question at the moment is someone that gets back in contact with me every once in a while because he was in the army.

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    • It wasn't planned at all. I figured if the guy is serious and really wants a chance.. then why not. I don't want to jump into anything, for sure.. I already made that mistake.. and I paid for it. :/

      So this would be very, very slow.

    • C'mon, you're pregnant with another man's baby. If the guy doesn't 'jump at the chance' now, it doesn't mean he wasn't serious before. lol.

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  • You sound like you're being really smart about this. You got rid of the jerk guy, but you're keeping the baby, which is totally fine. This new guy knows that you're pregnant and is reacting normally, but like a good guy. Your family knows about him and likes him so far, which is great. I say, go for it, slow like you said, and see what happens. And good for you for doing what you think is best, about everything. I really hope this guy turns out to be as good as he sounds. :)