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How can I be as striking as women 😭?

How can I be as striking as women 😭?
Like I’m a very tall, v handsome guy. But that will probably only makes girls go ‘oh he’s cute.’ Girl’s aren’t impressed at anything

👉I’m also highly educated, ambitious and from a super rich background. Cool as a cucumber and I have a defined short beard 😂

Listen. I see very beautiful girls, and my friends and I are just thinking like ‘woowwww’ as if they’re goddesses 👸

How can I be that male equivalent? Are men just not that valuable like women? Like I want to be that guy that women kill to be with, but does this man exist 😢

I mean I can easily flex around in a Porsche but I don’t want to be a dickhead. What do I do to be so striking
There’s things I can do
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There’s nothing really, I’d have to be a woman 😭😭
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How can I be as striking as women 😭?
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