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Guy remembers a lot about you? but not interested?

We met about 4 years ago at the gym. We didn’t talk that much in the gym at all, we had small convos but it was mostly just “hi” , “bye” , “how many more sets you have”. Even though we didn’t speak much, I was attracted to him and he eventually became my Gym Crush.
Then life happened and we didn’t see each other for over a year. Then we found each other on social media and DMed once, it was a hella dry convo lol. Then after that, we didn’t have any contact for a year. (So long I know lol)

Last year we started talking again, and now we’re friends. Just friends. He comes over at times just to talk and chill. I like our friendship. While speaking, especially about our gym days 4 years ago, he’d mention things that I never expected him to remember. Like: the date we met, what we first talked about, tiny details I told him like; what I was doing for the weekend etc. Till this day he remembers quite a bit of things that I told him.

People say that this is a sign a guy likes you, but I’m not sure…he seems to have a fear of commitment right now. And he’s currently in a fling / not serious relationship (according to him)

So do you think this can be a possible sign that he likes me or is interested in me? Guys, have you ever done this before?
Guy remembers a lot about you? but not interested?
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