How come this girl is so insistent on having her friend hang out with us? Is it bad?

OK, a long time ago, this girl and I were really close and hanging out like every other day. I waited too long to ask her out and when I did, she was already dating someone else (I didn't know). She got mad, didn't talk for a while, but we've been talking for a while again

We hung out for the first time about a month ago and she said she had this new friend of hers she wanted me to meet. I thought that she might've been trying to hook us up but she wasn't (the friend has a bf). We all went on a picnic together.

Anyway, both of us have been really busy since and I just asked her to hang out again since its been awhile. She agreed and said that she was gonna ask her friend what she's doing

I know she's not trying to hook me up and we used to hang out alone just fine so... What's up?


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  • It seems like she's trying to make sure that your hangouts together aren't seen as dates. Having a third person there ensures it's just a friendly get together, and nothing more can happen.

    • eh, IIRC, her ex asked her out when he was hanging out with her friends :/

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    • so is it possible for this to not be a bad thing for my chances with getting her? I mean, she could just be working back slowly to where we were, right? We've been talking normally like we used to for a long time :/

      I was thinking of asking her out on a date after this

    • I suppose there's no harm in trying, but if she declines, then it's best to lay off. I'm not the most experienced person, though, lol. So, just do whatever you feel is best for both you and her.

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  • She doesn't want anything to happen. Is it bad? If you want something to happen it is.