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Why do I get a hard time from people for being single?

I’ve been single for 5 years.
The last time I was seeing a guy was about 2 years ago now.
I’m almost 29 and I’m the only single one in my friend group.
Being single doesn’t bother me - it’s the people who ask me why I’m single that annoys me.
Anytime I’m with my friends they keep asking me why I’m single, why I’m not speaking to anyone or going on any dates. I get so embarrassed because I'm not talking to anyone so don’t have anyone asking me on dates…and it’s like the feel sorry for me even though I’m quite happy just doing my thing but they seem to pity me.
They try to set me up with randoms and I keep telling them I’m not interested.
They then started questioning my sexuality recently and I got even more embarrassed- not that there’s anything wrong with being gay I just got embarrassed that they were going that deep into reasons why I’m single.
I get it a lot from my family too who keep hinting at me to hurry up and find a man and get married and have kids.
It really drains the life out of me.
How do I politely tell them to fuck all the way off?
Why do I get a hard time from people for being single?
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