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A girl I used to talk to , she can't move on?

So a girl from a different country we used to text as texting friends she wanted to be more than friends i told her I can't be with her since we have been texting for only 1 month so i don't know her well, besides i won't be able to move fo her country supposing that we got in a relationship in the future.

She said if i keep texting you i will keep falling for you so i must stop , i respected that i was ok and wished her a good luck she said i can't delete you so block me and apparently she was already this attached 🤷🏻‍♂️

Eventually she deleted me, but now she is back saying i just want to chat i won't say stupid things again if you are ok with that

>> The question should i text her or ignore or block? I don't like her she was just a texting online friend
A girl I used to talk to , she cant move on?
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8 d
The fact that she came makes me think she can't control her emotions
A girl I used to talk to , she can't move on?
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