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Guys, would this girls behavior annoy/offend/anger you?

Suppose you are one of those (many) guys who tries to swipe right on every possible girl on dating apps and than makes a selection amongst his matches. Suppose you match a girl, write to her, she seems nice and very interested, you ask her out. Than you match someone better, so you ghost the first one and unmatch her. Now suppose that since you keep swiping right on all girls, in the following months you match her again several times and at a certain point she writes you a kind message making fun of you for always matching and unmatching her. You answer kindly saying you would actually like to go on a date with her. A few days later however you unmatch her again. As usual, you swipe right without noticing on her again and again she writes to you. Is it something you find annoying? Do you wish she would stop swiping right on you, as it’s clear you don’t want to date her but you keep swiping her right because you are using a bot or something similar?

(This happened to me and I’m tryin go to understand how on earth this moron could get annoyed at me)
Guys, would this girls behavior annoy/offend/anger you?
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