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Did I do this wrong?

I have been thinking and thinking about why I got rejected.
I got a feeling that my crush likes me back. I even got two friends (one guy one girl) who noticed the same thing.

But I think the way I approached him scared him away.

Background: we r friends and we hang out as a group frequently.

I decided to be old fashion and wrote him a letter to confess. I wrote the words out I like you. And he sent me a text to say he doesn’t want a relationship now and he wants to be friends with me.

Honestly, I did not expect this reply!!
(Perhaps I’m overconfident, but sometimes that feeling you just know it!!)

But I was wondering if I should’ve just ask him out to hang out one on one first. Maybe I am too aggressive and it scared him away?

Anyway my confidence is disappearing so I don’t even know if I can continue to be friends with him….
Did I do this wrong?
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