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I've always been interested in this one guy in my class but when I was younger I was always, always talking to him and he knew that I was interested. Well recently like a few years ago I decided to leave him alone because it was a little embarrassing. The other day me and he and his friend were hanging out and I realized that I'm still interested, how do I let him know subtly and without reminding him of my past obsession? I don't want to seem like that desperate kid again just be friends for now and see where we go from there.


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  • to be completely honest, he's never going to forget that you used to crush on him, but if you do want to start something then you just gotta hang out with him as friends and show him that you're a chill girl and that you can handle a friendship and be totally normal around him. the key is to seem like you ARENT interested in him at the beginning. then once he starts seeing you as a cool girl that he really likes spending time with, then you can start dropping hints and maybe he'll already feel the same way.