I'm not sure if I should hang out with her?

I've met this Taiwan girl and hanged out with her for a while. She's a great person but I'm not interested in what she is interested in. Also she is semi attractive. I'm not sure if I should go to her uninteresting parties and hang out with her, also if I should have sex with her.

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  • Sleep with her.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • why don't you try to find something you both might have an interest in? Or just be a caring person in general to her. I don't have that much in common with my husband or my guy friends. they all like video games and computers or playing the bass.

    I don't like video games or computers or know how to play any musical instrument but I am a caring person who likes to eat out with good friends and take nice walks and talk about my future. That's all that I need another person to do with me, is to eat good food that I some times make and take walks with me to explore.

    Also if you really are not attracted to her then you can choose to fall for her personality. Is she bubbly? Is she super nice and friendly to others? Is she a moral person who has a smart brain on her head? Those kinds of things you might fall for more than just looks. Looks change when you grow up too (get older). My husband is not the most attractive person in the world but he is super mega smart and some times funny.

    Now if you don't really like her and don't think you and her will have much to do with each other in the future, I would suggest you and her just be friends.

    • I like her for her bubbly, moral, smart, virtuous, and persistent personality. however; I don't see her in my future. I give her a little more than a six out of ten on her looks, and that makes me feel like a a**hole.

      still this doesn't mean we can be friends with benefits. I'm not sure she'll be into that.

    • you can just be her friend.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Give it a chance. Perhaps you guys do have more in common than you think? After all, it's not like it will do any harm by taking her out.

  • what the hell is wrong with you? I hate guys like you. Leave the poor girl alone. You're such a d***


What Guys Said 1

  • if you don't have similar interests, oh well. Don't just sleep with her to sleep with her cause I mean.. she mighta thought there was more to it and that'd be wrong. Just be friends.