I can forgive, but I can't forget and its ruinin things, advice?

Well, long story short I was best friends with this girl for 2 years. We dated 8 months and she had some serious insecurity issues an didn't trust me. She calls a break at first, so long as id promise not to sleep with anyone else and vice versa. She goes and sleeps with someone else an I confront her about it, she breaks up with me and calls me crazy when I try to talk to her, so I leave her alone for 5 months. The we run intO each other, she apologizes for everything and what not. Then when the guy she had slept with realized we were getting back together he starts freaking out so she finally tells me they had slept together a few times but that she was really drunk. She was also pregnant with his kid, which she was aborting. That being said and done, we've been together 5 months, and every time I see that guy all the bad feelings rush back and I'm in a sh*t mood for 3 hours. What can I do here?


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  • I'd rationalize in your mind that she is with you now. Think about the fact that she is your best friend, how she makes you feel, how you feel about her, how life was without her around etc. The guy she slept with wasn't special to her at all. I think she just used him as a rebound quite honestly. I think if you run into this guy in the future, you should actually feel kind of sorry for him. Because, you have the girl and he doesn't and that alone should dictate who the better man is in the end. Try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. You both have reconciled so try to stay the course.


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  • Have you ever had sex with any other girls?

    • Why would you ask that? And yes I have. But I've never cheated on anyone or been able to sleep with someone else while I'm in love with someone. That's why I didn't sleep with anyone else when we were on a break

  • Your mistake was getting back together with her after the break.

    • I ask myself that sometimes too. Why do you say that?

    • She cheated. She set the rules for the break, then she broke them. Very low character.