If I think I figured out why he disappeared should I try to make amends?

After months chatting online with a guy who lives a few hours away, he asked me out, saying he wanted us to give a relationship a try. He was going to come to my city for a date, but due to conflicts on both sides the date was set several weeks out. We could see when each other was online and he initiated the last chat saying he hadn't seen me online in a week. The chat was sweet with talk of our first date and future dates. Then he disappeared! He stopped answering my IMs and e-mails, but he did read the e-mails. don't know @ IMs. Finally I e-mailed and asked him whether we were still on to meet and he responded no, but we'd have to chat soon set another time. Nothing from him in the 6 wks since then. Now I remember an I'm appearing to be from him through e-mail b4 he stopped responding, but it faded out before I could read it and I didn't respond because I couldn't retrieve it. I wonder if that's why he ceased contact. Should I get back in touch with him about it? If so, what should I say? Tx


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  • did it work dfor you?