He canceled plans with me, advice?

2 days ago my guy asked me to go with him to see his friends band tonight .Last night we went out and spent the day together today. I asked him what was going on for tonight and he said I have to speak to my friend. Then after he spoke to him he says that he is going to do his own thing tonight and hang out with his friends. So I asked him if I did anything wrong or if he is mad at me and he said no. I guess I'm a little upset that he ditched me.

When he was leaving tonight he asked if I was mad, I said no because I don't want to cause any drama.

I want to prevent this from happening in the future. Should say something to him?


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  • Well, you did spend the day with him before the band played that night. Did you plan on spending the WHOLE day together when you made the plans for that night?

    He may also be one of those people who changes plans, but doesn't understand how important it is when another makes plans with him and he cancels them last minute.

    I mean, what were you supposed to do when you had plans to be with him all night and he changed it? That WAS rude in my opinion.

    I'll give you advice my mom gave me. If it is going to bother you in 3 days, talk with him about it.

    You can be honest and firm, but gentle with him when he makes you mad. Why hold it in when it hurts you more NOT to tell him, right?


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  • I will never understand why people find it hard to talk to their boyfriend/girlfriend. If he had asked you to go see this band that night and then cancelled plans to hang with friends, the obvious thing to say to him at the time is "I thought we were going to see the band together? What's going on?" Then if he says he changed his mind, you have the chance to say that you think that is rude to do at the last minute, but you can manage, or not.

    Now that it's over, tell him that you have been thinking about the other night & would like to let him know that it bothered you when he cancelled your plans like that without discussing it with you before hand. And in the future, you would appreciate it if he would think about your feelings before doing that again.

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