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Is He Blowing Her Off?

Say if a girl first approached this guy she likes. She compliments him, talks with him and they're both smiling and engaging in conversation for a while. The next week she approaches him, she asks tells him that she wants to get to know more about him, basically telling him that she's interested. He agrees and tells her that he's busy but that next week would be great. A week has passed, and she hasn't heard anything from him. He sees her and she sees him, but doesn't approach her. They haven't exchanged numbers, social media accounts... nothing. But they see each other around weekly. She's interested in taking the next step but she's not sure if he forgot about the plan that they made to hang out or if he's blowing her off. Her friends are telling her that he's scared and that if he was interested, he would've gotten back to her and to move on. But she is still conflicted on what to do. Should she approach him abiut the plans or should she move on? What do you think is the possible scenario?
Is He Blowing Her Off?
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