Why doesn’t anyone respond to my messages on dating sites?

Hi all. I’m new to online dating and haven’t been on the dating scene in over 20 years. I am recently separated after my wife of 22 years had an affair. Using Match and Hinge, I have sent out tons of messages to various women and never get any replies. I’m a smart and attractive guy and my profile is complete - I had it reviewed by a friend and they said it was fine. I have been complimented on my appearance by friends…maybe they were just being nice. Lol. I can’t help but think that all the guys out there looking for nothing but

hookups via these sites ruin it for all the decent guys who just want to meet someone and see where it goes, possibly a long term relationship. Either that or women on these sites are just shallow and looking for Adonis instead of a normal guy. The messages that I send are well written and tailored to each woman, where I introduce myself and point out a commonality or compliment something in their profile. Sometimes I ask a question and other times I don’t - depends on the overall message. But I always say that I’m looking forward to learning more about them. And then the theme from Jeopardy starts to play, and play, and play. No response. It is honestly very frustrating and depressing. Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks
Why doesn’t anyone respond to my messages on dating sites?
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