Girl hasn’t replied for a day and a half. Worried I said something she might’ve taken the wrong way?

Her - “Ah sounds good.
Haha a standard day for you then 😂. Mines okay just trying to catch up. Haha don’t be impressed, more like no option. There isn’t really anyone who can do my job so it just ends up coming back in to more work so better to try and do what I can.
I’m getting my vaccine Friday night, then graduation pictures Saturday, going for food and drinks with my mum and friend. Free Sunday if you want to do something?”

Me - “Haha it is, least today is much better. No option? Nah I’d tell them straight and get them to give you more time to catchup, gotta put yourself first. That’s nice, where are you taking your mum? Dare you to pull a funny face on your graduation pics 😉 Sunday is good for me. Thinking of doing something closer to you as I feel guilty asking you to get a taxi to and from town all the time. Ubers get expensive”

10 hours later

Her - “Haha if only it was that easy!
We’ve got photos at 11, then booked a place at this bar for lunch. Then a local pub in the evening. A couple of her mates are coming to meet us and I think a few of the girls aswell. Should be good. Have you got much planned?
Ah it’s fine. there's not really much to do around here. And it’ll be a nightmare for you to get here. But depending on what you fancy I might drive”

Me - “One at near the stadium right? Nice area if so. Hope you enjoy it. Going out Saturday, we’re sorting a bit of a Halloween/birthday thing with the lads for next week. Haha no problem, well we could check out that mini golf if you’re up for that, see you at 5 near the pizza place again? You’re 100% getting that hole in one”

It’s been about 30 hours since I sent that on whatsapp and had no reply, just that she’s read it.

Is there anything I’ve said that could have annoyed her? I’m worried about the “putting yourself first” bit. It’s a lot of talking over text but the plan was to set the 4th date.

I plan to give it another day then see if she’s still up for Sunday, then will move on
Girl hasn’t replied for a day and a half. Worried I said something she might’ve taken the wrong way?
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