Would you date a guy who works for a lingerie company?

Hi Ladies,

So here's the deal. I've been working for a major lingerie brand for about two years now and am currently being mentored into a management position. I had been single for about a year before that due to me moving across the country and she didn't want to deal with the distance.

So since I started working there, whenever where we work comes up on a date or when a woman asks about it, they have a few reactions. Firstly they don't believe me as for some reason "men aren't allowed to work in a place like that," even though it would be sexist to not allow me to work there, haha. These are in no particular order:

They think I'm gay

They think I'm weird

They ask me what my discount is and if I could get them some stuff using it and they would pay me back. (yes this happens, and sadly quite often, even on a date)

I even understand that it can be intimidating to date a guy who works there as I do work pretty much exclusively with women as well as that women are the large majority of my customer base.

So I am a masculine guy, I work out multiple times a week, train in martial arts, enjoy action flicks, etc. I just happen to be really good with fashion, colors, designs, matching, complimenting items, perfumes, customer service, etc.

This is a great career for me, the company is really pushing me to grow in their company as they expand and are offering me a great benefits package and salary once I complete the mentoring program. The one downside it seems is that it is the plague on my love life. I even asked some of the other managers (they are all female at my store) and they've known straight men who do what I do but they tend to remain single by and large for quite a while until they either hit corporate level or quit the company.

So what gives? Care to explain your opinion on dating a guy in such a situation and why women seem to be obsessed with getting my discount but not my heart, or heck, even into my pants?

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  • I genuinely wouldn't care. If he is happy with his job then that's all that matters to me.


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  • Hahaha that was a good read, ok so here is the thing, chances are women are skeptical about your sexual orientation, bc working for a corporation exclusive to lingerie can suggest that you are comfortable among women in a friendly companion way. Sun's life it does affect your love life, but honestly if your moving up in the company is currently a safety career choice. Next time on date choose your words carefully when you talk about your job, it's all in the way things are worded. For example, women will react differently if you explain a managerial role. Also a thing to keep in mind, the type of women you are dating, they need to understand the difference between a career with a company that caters & markets exclusively to women vs a retail job that its done for quick cash.

  • I think I might be a little weirded by that, but not enough to keep me from dating you if I were interested.

  • Well, what is your discount? O:

  • it's a little odd but I would date the guy if I liked him.


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