Is this a good enough gift for him?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 9 months. His birthday is rolling around. He treats me ok and everything and he got me a nice gift for my birthday which was a necklace and a teddy bear. He dosen’t really open the doors for me or have a car but he pays for all our dates that we go on even though I drove us around. He chose a super expensive restaurant at first for his birthday and I was pissed because he wanted to take me to one for mine and I got rlly dressed up and drove us down there and he said we should go somewhere else because he didn’t wanna pay $6 parking. I’m a college student and I come from some money but I have a $2400 car bill to pay off so money is tight for me. For his birthday I got him some nice $70 nice cologne and was gonna take him to dinner. I originally planned to get him another gift but my dad said I shouldn’t because I need to pay off my car and that should be enough. Do you think this is enough of a birthday gift?
Is this a good enough gift for him?
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