How can I ask a guy for his number?

I like this guy and I think he likes me too, I don't know. But we never see each other outside of school because we hang out with completely different people. I want to try to hang out with him sometime, but I don't know how to ask him or what we should do. And should we bring friends along with us(keep in mind, I don't know his friends and he doesn't know mine). I think he likes me, I mean we talk alot. What's a good way of asking if he wants to hang out? And how can I ask for his number without creeping him out too much?


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  • Give him your number on a folded piece of paper :) he'll probably get a clue from that. and if you don't make it too obvious that you're interested, you could always brush it off as you just wanted to hang out.

    I'd try to get to know him before you bring friends into it. After you're comfortable with each other, ask him if he wants to meet some of your friends, or ask if you can come hang out with some of his.

    Hope it goes well for you :)


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