Dating 101, tips, tricks & all! How do you get your man? Ladies & Gents, please answer.

Ladies & Chicks: what are your NEVER fail dating tips? It could be FIRST date tips? What outfit to wear, where to go, how TO behave or NOT behave, what to say or eat? Just spill it ALL out ladies...what do you do on a date & does it work? fail? or what? How do you know when its time to fake an "emergency" text/phone call?

Gents & Guys: what do you expect on a first date? how should the girl look, act, behave? how do you know if she's worth a second get together or if she's to be dropped like dirty underwear? What makes it or breaks it for you guys (turn ON/turn OFF)? what is just TOO OVER the top for you?


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  • be aggressive. don't be scared to approach the guy you want

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