Are you excited by having a woman chasing you around?

I'm wondering if guys get lot of attention and being chasing by women. How do you guys feel? Is it the way you guys want to gain your confidence? or because you guys want to have more option?

As woman, I feel like if any guys come after me, they make me feel like I have to be harder for them because I'm not sure, who is right for me. On there hand, I got more option to choose one of them. I don't want to have only one guy but more so I can see the different between each guy and who is best for me.


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  • I think guys tend not to take seriously those women who chase after them. In certain cases, they might even make fun of these women to their guy friends. You could have more than one dude chasing you at one time, but that is a time to be treasured because in my experience, it doesn't happen very often. Like you, I have given guys who come after me a hard time, but I'm starting to think that maybe they should be given an easier time.

    • Thanks! the way I given a hard time is just because I want to see if one of them will be serious or not, I mean if he is the one then he should get out his butt and show me his interested, right? if not then forget it. I believe if a person is serious with me, he'll moved the mountain just want to be with me. I wish every guy will be easier for me but fact is everyone has their own ego, so everyone is playing game just get what they want and out off here.

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    • digital_haze is right - I forgot to mention that if a girl chases a boy and he doesn't like her, he might still see how far he can get with her sexually.

      I don't think that men try to move mountains to be with us anymore given the sexual revolution that happened in the 60s. A nice thought though.

    • yeap! I know lot of guys will hate my idea of being hard-to-get because they hate to be rejected by a woman, which I consider it as fair game. You don't earn because you never work for it if you work your butt off, soon you'll be rewarded. No women wants to be a sex-subject for men without commitment and love or care. Sorry guys! us, women, are not just pretty but smart thinking.

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