Being single, summer dating. I need a lot of solid advice :(

is there anyone on here that can give me advice on the following topics?

-being single

-summer dating (how to)

-appearance/beauty tips what you live by

-how to feel confident

-how to approach a guy you find attractive but don't know

-where to meet guys

-previous dating/relationship advice (your experiences) what you wish you knew

I don't have a specific question, just give me all the advice on the above topics, I don't want to be single another year ;(


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  • Ya being single sucks but your not alone.

    Summers not very good for dating unless you can drive.

    Just walk up and say hi, ask him his name.

    There are lots of places to meet new people. Go to the mall, movies, recreation center, public events.

    Hope this helps somehow. :)

    • Finally a good answer. Thanks! Yeah I could have gotten my liscense awhile ago, but I decided to wait :( oh and I'm super bubbly and funny when you get to know me, but at first I'm super duper shy, so do you have any other suggestions on how to start a conversation besides being so direct? ty

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    • Ahh! If only the world were that easy, I'll definately try the glancing tactic, I'm going to the movies tomarow with my buds, have any tips for that? (as you can see I'm sucking the advice out of you)

    • Ya I guess your right. Well the movies arnt veary good for meeting people because your in a dark room the entire time. But when your in the lobby be shur to look nice and you might meet somebody at the candy counter. HAHAHA its OK. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Being single- there are a lot of people of all ages out there craving for a relationship. When you find yourself doing this, now is the time for you to start resisting because then without even knowing you will begin to 'settle' for that person. That would not be fair to either of you.
    Summer dating- I personally would not recommend dating in the summer if you are only going to be together for those months.
    Appearance- I for one, am a person that does not really care about what people think of what I wear. Just wear your style and NOBODY can tell you different.
    How to approach- I know this sounds really cliche but honestly just be yourself. What up to them and introduce yourself. Be chill. If something does happen between the two of you then you won't have to keep pretending to be something you are not.
    Where to meet- anywhere is great! There is really not one specific place to meet a guy. But if you are looking for a place with an abundance check a game store or the food court.
    Advice- just be normal. Never pressure yourself into something that you are uncomfortable doing. Trust that person.

    I hope this helps!